Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over HD

Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over

Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over (2003) พยัคฆ์ไฮเทค 3 มิติ

Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over

Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over Juni Cortez retired from OSS sometime after events in the second film. He is now quiet and works as a private investigator, albeit with a modest salary. One day, he is called by the president Devlin the former head of the OSS who tells him his sister, Carmen Cortez, is missing after a mission gone wrong.

When he arrives at the department of technology and computers of the OSS, Juni is reunited with a now-reformed Donnagon Giggles as well as his wife Francesca and explain that Carmen was snatched by the Toymaker, a former OSS informant who was imprisoned in cyberspace by the organization but has since created Game Over which is a virtual reality video game that he is planning on using to escape cyberspace through players that reach the seemingly unbeatable Level 5. Juni accepts to enter the game in order to help Carmen and to shut the game with only 12 hours to be victorious. He also discovers that his sister’s last sighting was at Level 4.

Juni is challenged by the game’s obstacles. He only has nine lives, and has already lost one. Three beta-testers are found in a medieval village which looks cartoonish, Arnold and Rez. They grant him access to the Moon and send him to space, and help him to defeat the opposition.

Juni who is a lunar explorer the Moon, loses another life and is then offered the chance to assist a friend. He chooses his grandfather Valentin, who uses wheelchairs and has a history with the Toymaker. Valentin is given a power-up that allows him to wear a robotic bodysuit. This grants him the capability to walk and has the strength of a superhuman. Attracted by a butterfly the butterfly leaves Juni and tells him that they will regroup in the future. In his search for Level 2 entry, Juni goes into a robot battle arena to take on Demetra. He would like to return to Earth and level 2. He is given an upgraded robotic suit and placed on a mecha for the fight with Demetra. He prevails in three rounds, and afterward, he returns to Earth to fight Demetra.

He’s again greeted by beta-testers who believe he’s an opponent known as “The Guy”, who can beat Level 5. Rez is skeptical and invites Juni to a “Mega-race” which involves a myriad of different vehicles, which can allow them to advance to Level 3. The only obvious rule in this game is “win regardless of the cost”. With the aid of Valentin, Juni wins the race, and Demetra is also a participant. Juni and Demetra have an affair and he provides her a medpack that contains additional lives. He also presents her with a map that is illegal. When they reach the third level, Arnold and Juni are confronted by each other with the winner receiving the game over immediately. Juni is unable to live his entire life during the fight. But, Demetra switches places with Juni and eventually wins, winning the match. This upset Juni.

The group arrives at Level 4 where Juni finds Carmen, let out by the Toymaker, who leads the group on. Carmen notices their grandfather is there and tells Juni that the Toymaker is the reason their grandfather is using wheelchairs. Juni follows a route plan to the lava-filled canyon. The group surfs their way through the hot lava. The OSS discovers the relationship between the Toymaker and Valentin. In the fear that Valentin could be seeking revenge, Donnagon attempts to prevent the Toymaker from achieving Level 5 but fails when they sink into the lavas and realize that it’s not dangerous, and they reach a cavern in which they discover the door to Level 5. Carmen informs them that they have just five minutes to go before the door opens up to Level 5. After the other gamers start to believe that Carmen as well as Juni are deceivers and Rez insists on giving Juni a game over and then the real “Guy” arrives and unlocks the door. But, he’s struck by lightning in a booby trap set by the Toymaker when the door to Level 5 is breached, that causes him to lose his ninety-nine lives. This also causes him to be the game over, causing the group to move on without his presence.

Demetra is seen in the Level 5 zone. It is a purpleish cyberspace. Demetra claims that she has returned after an error. Carmen however, recognizes her as “The Deceiver” which is a program designed to fool players. Demetra acknowledges this and apologizes to a stunned Juni prior to the Toymaker is able to attack the group using the size of a robot. Valentin appears and opens the doors to the real world for the group. He cannot go with them because someone else must keep the door. Demetra tears is quick to hold the door wide so that she can join the group. It is discovered that Valentin had released the Toymaker, and the robot arm of the villain was in the process of attacking the city.

Juni and Carmen summon their parents Gregorio and Ingrid Then, Gregorio’s younger brother Machete as well as their Grandmother and Uncle Felix. With the number of robots they have to manage, Juni calls out for everyone to come to their aid, summoning characters from the previous two films. The Toymaker’s robot is only one standing. Valentin confronts The Toymaker, and forgives the Toymaker for what he did to him, which Valentin had been trying to find the Toymaker to apologize for for over thirty years. The Toymaker switches off his robot and joins other Cortez families as well as friends in celebrating the lives of their loved loved ones.


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